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Serving individuals and business owners is what Awesome Insurance does best. Call us when you need to file a claim, talk to an expert about updating your insurance coverage, or get help with quick updates on your policies. We’re here to provide personalized services to all our clients.

File A Claim

If you have a claim to report, you may report your claim directly to your insurance carriers’ 24/7 Claim Support Service. They can begin to handle all aspects of your claim and get you the help you need when it matters most. Contact Awesome Insurance at 817-239-8172 for assistance.

Awesome Personal Policy Service

Sometimes what you need is a real person. We’re here for you – contact us right away to file a claim or for any questions about updating your insurance policies. Call Awesome Insurance at 817-239-8172 or use our online Contact form. We’re here to help you.

Understanding Insurance Terms

Awesome Insurance knows the language used by the insurance industry can be confusing. Here are a few common insurance terms used for various types of coverage. We hope this insurance glossary helps make the language of insurance easier to understand.

Awesome Insurance FAQs

If you have insurance questions, chances are Awesome Insurance has real-world answers for you. Review our Insurance FAQs list for our take on some of the most common insurance questions.

Policy Billing & Payments

Most of our insurance companies have the option for you to pay your premiums by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), e-check or by credit card. Fast online payments can prevent lapses in coverage and save you time.

If you have any questions about your bill from the insurance carrier or would like to make a payment, you can select the insurance carrier below. They have extended hours and may be available when we are not. You can always Contact Awesome Insurance at 817-239-8172 for help with resolving billing questions from your insurance carrier.

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