The Illustrious 50-Year Career
of Ronnie D. Tanner,
Awesome Insurance Services

The Early Days

Ronnie (Ron) Tanner started his insurance career with John Hancock Life Insurance Company in 1966. While at Jon Hancock, Ron began property and casualty insurance through an arrangement with Sentry Insurance Company.

In 1976, Ron purchased part of Allied Agencies, an independent insurance agency in Decatur, Texas and became an active partner responsible for growing the agency dramatically throughout the remainder of the decade.

Bigger and Better

Yearning to expand even further with a controlling interest in his own agency, Ron founded Tanner Insurance Agency in 1981, which quickly became known as the premier independent insurance agency in Wise County. Ron placed a special emphasis on providing complete protection to his clients by cross-selling other lines of coverage, which ultimately led him into writing larger, more complex commercial and agribusiness risks. In addition to handling insurance for the school districts and hospital in Wise County and beyond, Ron also handled the property schedule for DFW International Airport. None of this would have been possible without the expertise of Ron and the extensive access to top-rated insurance carriers, which was cultivated by Ron and his agency.

In 1985, Ron expanded even further by buying the controlling interest in a prestigious Arlington, Texas based firm, which firmly established the Tanner name as one of the top names in the industry throughout North Texas. Now known as Anchor Insurance, Ron continued to expand throughout the 1980’s, building the company into a powerhouse with top carriers such as Safeco and Travelers. In the early 1990’s, Ron sold the company and decided to consider retirement. However, the pull of the insurance industry brought him out of retirement and back into independent insurance agency ownership.

The Here and Now

Today, after an illustrious 50-year career in the industry, Ron is the owner of Awesome Insurance Services, a boutique independent insurance agency focused on high net-worth and premium credit score individuals. In addition, Ron focuses on insuring business owners who understand the importance of purchasing top-quality insurance products from a firm which understands more than selling a cheap insurance price. Ron sets himself apart from other “policy peddlers” by recommending comprehensive business insurance coverage for individuals through the premier insurance carriers in America.

Ron’s son, Jon D. Tanner, followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the insurance industry in 1992. Jon has also had an illustrious career, and holds a law degree, which allows him to focus on the extremely complex, large accounts which often have more than 100 employees and more than one business location. Jon focuses on the transportation industry, and along with Ron, has built a premier firm (experts in transportation risks called Logistics Insurance Concepts), which is known across the southwest as a top independent insurance agency.